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SynergyLabs De-Skunk Odor Destroying Shampoo Formulated to Remove Skunk Odor, 32 oz.

by Walmart
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Skunks, the local nuisance of suburban pet parents everywhere. If your pet runs into a skunk, and makes it feel threatened, it can spray with a high degree of accuracy up to 10 feet. You know what happens next â“ your pet runs toward the house, you open the door and are greeted by a horrific odor, pet runs into the house and now your carpets, furniture, clothing and everything else reeks. You've tried the at-home concoctions, other store-bought dog washes, but the only one that you will ever need is De-Skunk Odor Destroying Shampoo - guaranteed. Made with the world's most powerful de-greasers, De-Skunk shampoo efficiently and effectively breaks down and dissolves the oils that carry the volatile sulfur compounds that are the source of the skunk's horrible scent. Powerful on skunk odor, but gentle on pets, De-Skunk shampoo doesn't dry or irritate your pet's coat or skin. It's safe to use on your pet, but also on everything your skunked pet comes in contact with â“ carpet, walls, furniture, tub, collar, leash (it also happens to work great as a general deodorizing shampoo and to remove cat urine). Since skunk's often strike at inopportune times, you should always keep a 32 oz. bottle (or two) of shampoo on hand for emergencies! When that unmistakable odor does follow your dog into the house, shampoo promptly as you would with any other dog shampoo. Make sure you leave it on your pet for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and repeat at least once or until the odor is gone. We know that your dogs and cats are more than just pets â“ they are part of the family â“ so De-Skunk designs premium odor eliminating products that pet parents can actually afford. Your dog will be rid of the skunk smell and you will like knowing that there is a de-skunk shampoo that actually works for your pet and everything in its path â“ making you both happy and able to focus on more important things like walks, fetch and snuggles.