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Clorox Hideaway Toilet Plunger

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by Walmart
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Brand: Clorox

Ensure hygiene and aesthetics in your bathroom with Clorox Hideaway Toilet Plunger. Its unique clam-shell caddy offers a hands-free operating system that automatically opens up when the toilet plunger is lifted and neatly stores it back away. This plunger utilizes an inconspicuous closing device that offers a sanitizing and private way to store plungers. The caddy also offers an internal drying/drip tray to store the plunger and keeps floors hygienically clean and dry. The plunger features antimicrobial protection on the plunger cup and has an ergonomic handle. It works efficiently to unclog your toilet bowl to allow easy usage. Store your plunger the right way with the Clorox plunger and hideaway caddy.

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