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Clorox Bleach-Free Bathroom Cleaners, Fresh Scent, 1.13 Fluid Ounce, 2 Count

SKU 834464069
by Walmart
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Brand: Clorox

Clean with a purpose and avoid the clutter under the sink. The 100% recyclable bottle can be used for over 10 years, and by using this eco-friendly refill system, you use 80% less plastic. Plus, adding your own water with this refill system makes for 70% fewer trucks on the road. Just fill the bottle with water, attach the refill, replace the sprayer and get cleaning. Better for you and better for the environment, clean with less waste with the power of Clorox. Refill vs. the 32 Ounce bottle of Clorox Clean-Up. To transport the equivalent Volume.

Whole Foods


Sam's Club