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Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray 4.7 oz

by Walmart
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In the mood for avocado oil? You could try Chosen Foods Avocado Oil. We recommend choosing products with short ingredient lists, as these tend to be less processed. This product has 1 ingredient. One serving of this product provides 0 calories, 0g grams of fat, 0g grams of protein, and 0g grams of carbs. This product contains no ingredients that some research suggests you should avoid.

Grown from the volcanic soil of Central Mexico, our 100% pure Avocado Oil Spray is the perfect kitchen companion, offering you versatility and a high smoke point. We consider it a kitchen workhorse. Using an expeller-press method, we extract the maximum amount of high-quality oil from the avocado without applying excess heat or chemicals. The result? A neutral flavor profile that adds a bit of sunshine to all of your cooking projects. Every bottle of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is 100% pure, non-GMO, and glyphosate residue free. When you cook at high temperatures, you lock in flavor. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil can take the heatâ“up to 500 °F.