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Cholula Original Hot Sauce, 12 fl oz

by Walmart
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Cholula - The original flavorful fire. Its delicious, exclusive blend of red & piquin peppers and signature spices excite the flavor in everything you eat - from dips, soups and sandwiches to eggs, pizza, chicken and even popcorn! Go ahead, give it a shake and take the ordinary to extraordinary!Questions/Comments? Call us at: 1-855-Cholula (1-855-246-5852).Visit us at

Add some spice to your life with Cholula Hot Sauce Original. This authentic hot sauce is imported straight from Mexico. It adds a fiery taste to your meals whenever you need an extra kick of spice. It has a Scoville Scale rating of 500-1000 units, giving you a moderate heat for a intense spicy flavor. Add it to your favorite Mexico-inspired dishes like tacos, nachos, huevos rancheros, fajitas and more. It can be used for other cuisine as well. This flavorful hot pepper sauce adds a boost to many of your favorite foods. Use the 12-fl-oz bottle in salads, soups, burger patties, steak marinades and any other dish that needs a pick-me-up. This Cholula sauce contains an exclusive blend of spices and peppers not found elsewhere. It is available in other flavors that are sold separately. This Cholula Hot Sauce, in Original flavor, is for a discerning consumer and spicy food enthusiast.