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Premium Grape Tomatoes, 18 oz

by Walmart
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NatureSweet Cherubs Heavenly Salad Tomatoes are bright, juicy, and irresistibly sweet. Because of the sweet flavor and crunchy texture of Cherubs grape tomatoes, they are perfect for salads. Packed with nutrients, Cherubs tomatoes are deliciously healthy. Cherubs tomatoes are grown from the best seeds in the world in sustainable greenhouses, naturally pollinated by bumble bees, planted in coconut husks instead of soil and picked from the vine at the peak of perfection by NatureSweet™s amazing full-time Associates. Cherubs tomatoes are tested for sweetness, tenderness, and firmness before they ship. Only the tomatoes that pass the test earn the NatureSweet name. Packed, shipped, and on their way to your local store within 24 hours, NatureSweet Cherubs tomatoes are ready to enjoy as soon as you purchase, no ripening time necessary! For the best flavor and freshness, store Cherubs tomatoes at room temperature on your kitchen counter. Cherubs tomatoes are guaranteed to make your salads divine.