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Cheetos Flavor Shots Flamin' Hot Asteroids Flavored Snacks, 1.25 oz Bag

by Walmart
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These Cheetos Flavor Shots Flamin' Hot Asteroids pack a mighty punch. Just pop them into your mouth and enjoy the spicy goodness that's packed into each one. These asteroid puffs make a nice, quick snack at school, the office, while on the go or just lounging around the home. With no trans fat, cholesterol or sugars, you can fully enjoy each bite with none of the guilt. They're made with real cheese to give you more authentic flavor and enjoyment. These Flamin' Hot Asteroids are filled to the brim with hot, spicy flavor.

Out-of-this-world flavor packed into the perfect on-the-go-snack. Take a break and recharge with CHEETOS Flavor Shots FLAMIN' HOT ASTEROIDS Flavored Snacks.