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NEW TIME ADDED: Order by Noon -> Arrives by 6 pm
NEW TIME ADDED: Order by Noon -> Arrives by 6 pm

California Pizza Kitchen Cauliflower Crispy Thin Crust Frozen Pizza Uncured Pepperoni Mushroom & Sausage 12.4-Oz.

from Walmart

At California Pizza Kitchen?, we search for the best ingredients available, finding inspiration in each carefully crafted cheese, vine-ripened tomato and perfectly balanced uncured pepperoni. The thoughtful creation of recipes and passion for mindful ingredients are at the core of every delicious pizza we offer. So to those, like us, who approach food with mindfulness and an adventurous spirit, we hope you just found a delicious new favorite?from our kitchen to yours. At CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN, we want you to grab delicious and fresh flavor experiences by the slice and be inspired by unique tastes. We bring you these delightful flavors by always using premium ingredients like real cheese and a preservative-free crust. We crafted this Uncured Pepperoni, Mushroom and Sausage Cauliflower Pizza using premium ingredients like uncured pepperoni and portabella mushrooms on a cauliflower crispy, thin crust. Discover deliciousness in your own kitchen with our frozen pizza masterpieces, cooked hot and fresh by you. CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN is a trademark owned and licensed by CPK Management Company. Gender: unisex.