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Bowl Fresh Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Toilet Bowl Freshener with Borax 2 Ct

by Walmart
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Bowl Fresh Toilet Bowl Tablets, Toilet Cleaner & Bowl Freshener, 2 Ct

  • Toilet freshener tablets that clean and deodorize with the power of borax
  • Helps keep your toilet bowl stain-free between scrubbing
  • Prevents stains due to hard water, mineral substance and lime scale.
  • Fills toilet bowl with continuous blue water
  • Two 1.7 oz tablets

Bowl Fresh

Lavatory, bog (UK), pot (US), loo, john, water closet or simply ?toilet,? a rose by any other name would smell as sweet? Bowl Fresh products have been keeping toilet bowls clean and fresh for over 5 years. Designed with commitment to our customers in mind, our products provide simple solutions to keeping toilets clean and fresh longer. Our cleaners and deodorizers fight stains and combat unpleasant odors continuously in one of the busiest rooms in your home. Bowl Fresh products are guaranteed to exceed expectations and extend the just-cleaned freshness between regular scrubbings.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners & Deodorizers

Bowl Fresh toilet bowl cleaners are easy-to-use and work continuously, flush after flush to keep your toilet fresh and clean. Designed for use in the toilet tank and bowl, our bowl cleaners prevent stains caused by hard water and uric acids salts and are completely safe for plumbing and septic systems. Our no muss, no fuss solutions to keeping toilet bowls cleaner and fresher longer is what makes Bowl Fresh products ideal for busy people and families alike. Let Bowl Fresh do the work and enjoy more time to play.