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Botan Rice Candy Botan Rice - Rice - Calrose, 5 Lb.

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Brand: Botan Rice Candy

Botan Extra Fancy Calrose Rice, 5 lbs is the right rice to use when making sushi or recipes that call for medium grain sticky rice. It is grown in Sacramento, California where the conditions are excellent for this type of grain. When cooked, this rice holds its ground with an amazing taste while maintaining a soft and sticky texture. It is made using a new milling technology that allows it to be used immediately without rinsing. The end result is a delicious rice that is ready to be served alongside accompanying dishes. The sticky rice will pair well with recipes that use seaweed like sushi rolls or spam musubi. Each grain is specially selected and verified to be non-GMO. This rice cooks the same as other rice so it can also become a reliable substitute or a regular for your favorite rice based meals. This 5 lbs rice is lightweight and easy to carry.

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