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From Walmart

Bertolli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Original 16.9 Fl Oz



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<p>Tamperproof seal. Bertolli extra virgin olive oil has a full-bodied flavor for those who desire the highest quality olive oil and appreciate the rich taste and aroma of olives. It is ideal for dressings, salads, marinades, bread dipping and as a finishing oil for every type of cuisine. This seal designates that Bertolli olive oil meets the exacting standards of the International Olive Council, worldwide governing body that sets the quality standards for the olive oil industry. North America Olive Oil Association certified quality. Certified quality. Product contains select high quality extra virgin olive oils from the countries indicated by the letters below. IT = Italy, GR = Greece, ES = Spain, TN = Tunisia, MA = Morocco, CL = Chile, AG = Argentina, AU = Australia. Questions? Comments? Call 1-800-908-9789 or visit bertollioliveoil.com. Turn to open.</p><p><link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.typekit.net/gkr3tfz.css"> <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Fjalla+One" rel="stylesheet"> <link href="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/g4wt88p3e5ker1v/Responsive%20Video%20Bertolli.css" rel="stylesheet"> </p><div align="center" style="overflow: hidden;"> <h1 class="one">Bertolli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Original, 16.9 fl oz:</h1> <section> <div align="center" style="overflow: hidden;"> <embed src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/101ksdgliun2z47/Bertolli%20Logo.png" style="width: 35%; height: 100%; opacity: 1; margin:-0% 0px -0.0% 0px;" alt="?" how="" to="" fix="" a="" wobbly="" toilet="" seat>
</div> </section> <br> <br> <embed width="40%" src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/3tpr21j3x7msm8d/desktopSeparatorx2.png?dl=0"> <br> <br> <h1 class="one">Premium Ingredients. Authentic Taste. 150 Years in the Making.<br> </h1> <br> <h1 class="two">Bertolli Olive Oil is a useful addition to your kitchen pantry. It adds a smooth and rich flavor to virtually any dish, from Italian, Greek and other types of cuisine. This original olive oil is cold-pressed to preserve the integrity of its flavor and is never exposed to heat. It's ideal for creating dressings, marinades, dips and much more. This oil is free of cholesterol, trans fat and sodium. </h1> <br> <br>

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