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Bengal Gold Roach Killer, Pest Control Insect Spray And Roach Prevention Treatment, 9-Oz. Dry Aerosol Can

by Walmart
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Bengal Gold Roach Killer, Pest Control Insect Spray and Roach Prevention Treatment is ideal to keep your home bug-free. Ittakes technology a step further by using an innovating chemical called pyriproxyfen that works as an insect growth regulator by breaking the life cycle of roaches. This Bengal Gold spray sterilizes adult cockroaches, making them unable to reproduce. It also prevents immature insects from developing into breeding adults. Bengal Gold roach spray features the same innovative dry spray and flushing action as other pest control products from the same brand. It effectively eliminatesants, mosquitoes, crickets, spiders, sowbugs, centipedes, silverfish, firebrats and Asian lady beetles.