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Hey NWA- Trader Joe's is available for a limited time only! - Click here to shop now.

belVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits, 5 Packs (4 Biscuits Per Pack)

by Walmart
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Kraft Foods. Visit us at: Or call weekdays: 1-800-622-4726. Please have package available. BelVita Breakfast biscuits are lightly sweet, crunchy biscuits made with high quality and wholesome ingredients like rolled oats and real fruit like delicious blueberries. Nutritionists recommend eating a balanced breakfast to start the day off right. Eating foods rich in whole grains along with a piece of fruit and a serving of fat-free or low fat dairy provide you with a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Whole Grain???, 18g or more per serving, *Nutritionists recommend eating 3 or more servings of whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 48g per day). Try these other delicious varieties! Golden oat. Apple cinnamon. Nutritious sustained energy for the whole morning. 18g delicious whole grain8 per serving. Contains no: High fructose corn syrup. Hydrogenated oils. Artificial flavors or sweeteners. Good source of both. Energy-releasing. B-Vitamins + fiber [B-Vitamins help convert food to energy]. Contains 8g total fat per serving. Power up, people. We worked closely with nutritionists to design a new kind of breakfast biscuit with energy for the morning. Energy that is nutritious and sustained. BelVita breakfast biscuits are specially baked to release energy regularly and continuously to fuel your body throughout the morning. Enjoy BelVita breakfast biscuits as part of a balanced breakfast. F

Lightly sweet and crunchy, belVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits are made with wholesome ingredients. These blueberry biscuits are specially baked to release up to 4 hours of nutritious steady energy. These breakfast cookies are also made with 18 grams of whole grain per 50 gram serving. Each pack of breakfast bars contains 4 biscuits for you to enjoy as an instant breakfast wherever you are.