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Aunt Nellie'S Sliced Pickled Beets Jar 16 Oz

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by Walmart
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Brand: Aunt Nellie's

Aunt Nellie's Pickled Beets are made with a delicate balance of sweet Essential and vinegar for a traditional flavor. Pickled Beets are prepared from cleaned, peeled, succulent roots of the red beet plant to which water, salt, sweetener, vinegar and flavor are added. Beets are low in calories and fat-free. They add wonderful flavor and deep, rich color to meals. They can be used in side dishes, salads and soups. Beets are also the secret ingredient in many award-winning cake recipes, providing natural sweetness and extra moisture. Ready to eat straight from the jar or added to recipes, these pickled red beets are picked and packed at peak ripeness for a fresh taste.

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