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Hey NWA- Trader Joe's is available for a limited time only! - Click here to shop now.

Amy's Frozen Bowls, Chili Mac, Gluten Free, 9-Ounce

by Walmart
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In 1987, when Amy was born, we found we had little time to prepare the quality food we usually ate. Realizing there were others like us, we established Amy's Kitchen to produce convenient, nourishing meals for people who love good food but are often too busy to cook.Made with organic vegetables prepared with the same loving attention in our kitchens as is used in the home kitchen, Amy's meals contain no meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts and are absolutely delicious.Irene, who works at Amy's Medford plant, has fond memories of chili mac for school lunch on freezing cold Michigan mornings. So it was only natural for her to mix a few spoonfuls of Amy's chili with her mac & cheese at lunch time. Soon others were doing the same, savoring the flavor and texture of the smooth comforting mac & cheese combined with the slightly spicy chili.One day Irene gave some to Andy, and he loved it and decided that Amy's customers would as well. So here it is for you to eat and enjoy...a delicious gluten free meal, and another reminder that at Amy's, free from gluten does not mean free from flavor.For variety you'll want to try our baked ziti bowl, brown rice & vegetables bowl, brown rice, black-eyed peas & veggies bowl, broccoli & cheddar bake bowl, country cheddar bowl, harvest casserole bowl, Mexican casserole bowl, mushroom risotto bowl, pesto tortellini bowl, ravioli bowl, Santa Fe enchilada bowl, stuffed pasta shells bowl, teriyaki bowl, 3 cheese & kale bake bow

Amy's Chili Mac Bowl is a perfectly spiced selection mixed with our signature, creamy Mac & Cheese, tomatoes and beans. All in all, this makes for one heavenly mix that the whole family will love. Convenient and easy to prepare, this Amy's Chili Mac Bowl contains milk and soy, is made with non GMO ingredients, and is gluten free, tree nut free and suitable for kosher diets.At Amy?s Kitchen goodness is our guiding principle. Since 1987, we at Amy?s Kitchen produce delicious, organic convenient foods for people who are sometimes too busy to cook. Amy?s is a family-run business, and we supervise every aspect of our business and take pride in customer satisfaction. All the fruits, vegetables and grains we use are grown without the use of insecticides, GMOs and other harmful chemicals. We prepare these ingredients with the same careful attention in our kitchen as you would in your own home for high-quality, home-style vegetarian and vegan meals. No meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts are ever used in any Amy's products. Even though you're heating up our meals in your home, we want each bite to taste like you're a guest in ours.