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Hey NWA- Trader Joe's is available for a limited time only! - Click here to shop now.

Gerber Puffs Banana & Apple Strawberry Cereal Snacks Variety Pack, 1.48 oz (Pack of 4)

by Walmart
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Melt-In-Their-Mouth Good. Perfectly Sized For Picking Up. Non-GMO Project Verified. No Artificial Flavors or Artifical Sweeterners. 5 Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Babies. 2g of WHole Grains Per Serving. Crawlers. Your child may be ready if she or he: Crawls with stomach off the floor Begins to self-feed with fingers Begins to use jaw to mash food. Specially Made For Your Child. The experts at Gerber have designed the Graduates line of meal options, drinks and snacks for the developmental and nutritional needs at each stage, from Crawlers to Toddlers age 2 and older.

Give little ones a tasty, anytime treat with a strawberry, banana and apple Gerber Puffs Cereal Snack. It comes in a 1.48 oz container, is available in a pack of four and is convenient for home and on the go. This Gerber cereal snack is specially made for children at the crawling stage and has a texture that melts in the mouth making it easy to chew and swallow. It has 2 grams of whole grain per serving and contains iron and other essential vitamins and minerals needed for proper development. You know a child may be ready for this strawberry banana baby cereal snack if she or he crawls with their stomach off the floor, begins to self-feed with fingers or begins to use their jaw to mash food. It's made with non-GMO ingredients, so children get the vitamins and minerals they need and ingredients you can feel comfortable with.