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3-D Pet Products Premium Songbird Food, 14 Lbs - 2Pk

by Walmart
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Provide the beautiful creatures that fly around your home a little offering with this 14-lbs bag of 3-D Songbird Food. It is a cherry-flavored mix that includes nutritionally fortified ingredients such as cherries, raisins and seeds with added vitamins and minerals. This premium songbird food is free of chemical preservatives and filler ingredients including millet, corn or milo. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of platform style feeders to attract finches, doves, cardinals, warblers and grosbeak birds.

  • A cherry-flavored, nutritionally fortified mix for all seed-eating birds
  • Contains: real cherries and raisins
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • No filler ingredients such as corn, milo or millet
  • Songbird seed mix with no chemical preservatives
  • Attracts: grosbeaks, finches, cardinals, doves, nuthatches, tanagers, warblers and other songbirds
  • Use in platform feeder, hopper feeder, large hole tube feeder or on the ground