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EasyBins CoronaVirus Update (As of 3.13.20)

EasyBins Response To CoronaVirus


COVID-19 is changing the shopping patterns of American, to support those changes several places we buy product to close earlier.  This change is requiring us to temporarily change our cut-off time to 9pm instead of the 12am.  We expect this change to last 1 to 2 weeks.  You are welcome to order after 9pm if the order is not delivered the next morning it will be the following day. 

During the historic moment we are focused on safety.  Here are some steps we’re taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure we maintain the best shopping experience for you:

Sanitation – Maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is a top priority. We’ve added additional steps to our bin and bag cleaning process to maintain rigorous sanitation standards are put in place for our fulfillment center. We’re following the CDC closely and adhering to their guidelines.

Inventory – Items like wipes, disinfectants, paper goods, and hand sanitizer, breads, meats, soups, dairy and produce have been regularly selling out. Our team is working tirelessly to find each product ordered.  We have increased the number of store locations we shop and expanded the area.  

Order limits – Due to high demand, you may see that certain items will have a limit as to how many you can order at a time. This helps make sure that as many of our customers as possible have access to these limited availability items.

Delivery Delays – With the recent surge in orders, some orders will be delayed until as late as 7:30am.  

//3.13.20 UPDATE// 

This morning we delivered 91% of ordered product and last night we worked stores as far away as Siloam Springs to deliver product.    We are working directly with overnight crews to pick from the new stock just coming off trucks so that what you order is delivered.  This weekend we expect you order will arrive by 6am but please be prepared for it to arrive as late as 7:30am.  

We have also added a new set of items called "Whatever" - rather than a specific item/brand this is "please buy me whatever you see if you see anything."  You can find a direct link to that collection here. 

Also, for those who are looking for a very specific item here's one of our tools we use all the time  -- > .  Plug in an item and your zip code it will tell you how much inventory is at every store, we find it to be very very accurate. 

Of the 951 items ordered these items we were unable to supply last night: 

  • Any Toilet Paper
  • Yams & Pears 
  • Organic Chili 
  • Organic Southwest Soup
  • Airborne
  • Nature's Earthly Choice Burrito Bowls

Coronavirus Announcement 

    Coronavirus pandemic spreading in our city, state and country is beginning to have an impact on product availability.  Most products purchased on easybins everyday still remain available but some preparedness categories are beginning to have only limited selection and the selection is rapidly changing. Rather than remove all products in affected categories, these items are still available for sale but are likely to be substituted with a similar brand. As of Thursday March 11th the impacted categories include:
    • Hand Soap & Sanitizer
    • Paper Goods
    • Rice, Grains and Beans
    • Citrus Produce
    • Dairy

    During this outbreak we will not increase our prices and have implemented a price freeze on all products. As an overnight grocery operator our business model avoids large crowds, minimizes human to human contact and operates when streets and stores are naturally the least congested.

    Any anytime you may email us at