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Santitas Tortilla Chips, 11 Oz.

by Walmart
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Get the party started with this 11 oz bag of Santitas Tortilla Chips. These restaurant style chips have an authentic flavor that's achieved by using only three simple ingredients, corn, vegetable oil and salt. Santitas white corn chips feature a crisp, fresh crunch in a large triangular-shaped chip that's fun to snack on or deliciously paired with yummy cheese dips, guacamole or salsa to provide a snack filled with flavor that the whole family will enjoy. They also provide a nice addition to Mexican-inspired meals and help elevate home dishes to professional-styled tastes. This 11 oz bag of Santitas white corn tortilla chips provides enough chips to serve large families or gatherings. Their time-honored and tasty recipe does not include any cholesterol, trans fat or sugar, setting them apart from other savory and crunchy snack items.