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(12 Cups) Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Mandarin Oranges, 4 oz cups


Wonderfully sweet, deliciously tart and fun to eat anytime, Del Monte Mandarin Oranges Fruit Cup Snacks delight your taste buds. Grown under optimal conditions for producing a consistently delicious product, these flavorful bite-sized citrus treats bring a little sunshine with them. Made with colorful mandarin oranges that have been picked and packed at the peak of ripeness, these healthy fruit snacks have a fresh, natural flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth. Packed in light syrup to preserve freshness, taste and texture, they are free of high-fructose corn syrup and make a good alternative to sweets. Whether enjoyed at breakfast, during lunch or even as a light dessert after a big dinner, they deliver essential nutrients your family craves. This 12-count pack of 4 oz Del Monte fruit cups lets you add a little sweetness to your day. Fruit Cup Snacks, Mandarin Oranges, Family Pack In lightly sweetened juice + water. Made with real fruit juice! Quality. 1 serving of fruit (Each container has 1 serving (1/2 cup) fruit per USDA nutrient data). No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors or sweeteners. Non GMO (Ingredients of the types used in this product are not genetically modified). Non BPA (Packaging produced without the intentional addition of BPA). Serving up our garden's best. Sun-Sweetened Goodness: Our juicy mandarin oranges are grown in the best soils, producing fruit with the perfect texture and a balanced sweet and tart flavor. Tasty Nutrition in Every Bite: Picked at the peak of ripeness to capture the fruit's delicious flavor and nutrients your family craves. Delicious to Go: Sweet, tart, and fun to eat, these little mandarins are a tasty treat. For breakfast, on-the-go or as a lunchbox favorite - a healthy way to add a little sweetness to your day. Facebook: For recipes, contest and conversations, find us on or visit us at Questions or comments? Call 1-800-543-3090 (Mon. - Fri.). Please recycle. Product of China.




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