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List Feature Potter's House Pantry

List Feature Potter's House Pantry


Give groceries is an opportunity for you to be actively involved in the support of your community through grocery donation and delivery. By adding items from the Potter’s House page to your cart, you are gifting food and essentials to families much like your own. 


Potter’s House is a local non-profit organization that has served our community for over 20 years. Potter’s House works to build long-standing relationships between socioeconomically and racial/ethnically diverse groups within Fayetteville. 


Give groceries supports the efforts of Potter’s House by providing snacks and meals for their programs as well as contributing groceries and living essentials to their food assistance program for families in times of need.

Staff at Potter’s House work with us to create a list of items that are useful, and we work to create an opportunity for you to provide these items for them right here on EasyBins. When this list is fulfilled, we deliver it to Potter’s House and they purposefully distribute it to the intended programs and families that can benefit at that time. 

Purchase any of the Potter’s House items by clicking “Add to Cart” from this page.  

At checkout, you can place your order as you would any other order.  We will separate these items from your order and deliver them to Potter’s House.


With a vision for our community to live life together, Potter’s House helps families become involved in a variety of programs that value relationships, dignity, diversity, and holistic health while putting Jesus at the center. These programs include preschool enrichment, after school tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, job training, adult community, bible studies, and much more. 


Want to know more about Potters House and other ways you can be involved? Visit their website at

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