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New Hours: Order by 10PM for a 6AM Delivery!
New Hours: Order by 10PM for a 6AM Delivery!

Happy Egg Co Organic Large Brown Grade A Eggs, 12 count, 24 oz

from Walmart

DELICIOUS FLAVOR, LUSCIOUS COLOR: The creamy amber yolks and bright fluffy whites of Happy Eggs come from our premium hen breeds and the intense quality control on our farms.
FOR YOUR HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL RECIPES: The protein-packed power of fresh eggs from Happy Egg turn beautiful in any egg dish, from sunny-side-up or over-easy breakfast eggs, to egg salads, to egg sandwiches, rancho huevos and more.
FROM THE FARM-FRESH HEARTLAND: Eggs from Happy Egg come from free range hens raised with love on small family farms with expansive, tree-lined pastures in the heartland of America in Missouri and Arkansas.
HAPPY HENS = BETTER EGGS: Our hens get more space, more access to fresh water, and more time outdoors to perch, dust-bathe, play, and socialize.. that leads to healthier birds and healthier eggs for you.
FEEDING HENS LIKE FAMILY: Our hens' proprietary, all-natural diet of premium corn & soy is rich in nutrients + vitamins for optimal health and the best possible eggs. Plus part of our free-range hens' diet comes straight from what they eat on the range!

  • Hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free
  • 12 Large Brown Grade A Eggs
  • Yellow carton
  • Hard Shells
  • Amber Yolks
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Pasture Raised on over 8 acres of pasture
  • Protein
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • No Trans Fat
  • America Humane Certified
  • USDA Organic


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