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New Hours: Order by 10PM for a 6AM Delivery!

Granny Smith Apples, Each

from Walmart

Treat yourself to the delicious, crisp taste of Granny Smith Apples. These apples are known for their bright green skin speckled with faint white spots, bright white and crisp flesh, and tart, acidic yet subtly sweet flavor. Enjoy one with breakfast or lunch or as a fresh snack any time of day. Best of all, these delicious apples hold up well when cooked and can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. They are a favorite of pie bakers and can be used for snacking, salads, pairing, or made into a delicious sauce that pairs perfectly with pork. Try incorporating them into soups and compotes or using to make yummy jam or juice. Use them to create apple crisp, pie and strudel for a sweet treat. You can even pair them with sharp cheeses and crackers to create a stunning appetizer cheese board to share with guests. The possibilities are endless with Granny Smith Apples.

Granny Smith Apples, Each:

  • Bright green skin speckled with faint white spots
  • Bright white, crisp flesh
  • Tart, acidic yet subtly sweet flavor
  • Can be enjoyed fresh or cooked into both savory and sweet dishes



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