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What is DHA and how did it get into my milk?

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an essential omega-3 fatty acid found mainly in cold water fish. According to the National Institutes of Health, DHA is an important component of the membrane that surrounds each cell in your body." It is especially important for the development of retina and brain cells, where its levels are the highest. 

Until recently, the most common ways to increase your DHA intake were through fish or fish oil pills. Recently, however,  you may have noticed DHA Omega-3  being advertised on milk brands such as Fairlife and Horizon. You might be asking yourself, "So is there fish oil in my milk?" The answer to your question is no, thankfully! Anyone who has ever taken fish oil pills knows the smell is terrible. Plus, fish and milk don't really go together. 

If you look at the ingredients, you may notice a component called algal oil. Algal oil is extracted from algae, and provides a concentrate of DHA, just as fish oil does. Think of it as the vegetarian source. According to the USDA, algal oil is to be used "as an ingredient as a source of DHA in foods, beverages, infant 50 formulas, and as a dietary supplement." There isn't a current recommended intake for DHA, but it's rare that anyone gets too much. 

From what I have found, DHA isn't doing anyone harm. Is it a way for companies to boost their price like they would if they claimed it to be organic? Yes, but there are some benefits to DHA, especially if you are giving it to your kids. As they grow, I think it's important to fuel their bodies with things that aid in their development, and DHA does just that. Remember, it can aid in the development of millions of cells in our bodies, especially in infants and toddlers. 

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Rhonda Chandler - April 22, 2019

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